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Digital Surrey July 2010

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Digital Surrey has made a commitment to organise a free networking event on a monthly basis, with the added benefit of arranging for a top-class speaker to keep us all up to date with the digital world and its evolution.

At 7pm on 22nd July, Chris Green (@chrisgreen), technology journalist and media consultant will be our speaker, talking about the financial and ongoing value of online content. He will be discussing how companies and individuals in all business sectors can interpret the ROI associated with time and money invested in content by looking at web traffic in financial terms.

In his own words: “Investing in web content, whether you are a publisher, retailer, web service, public sector body, educator or anything else, needs to be done with a clear understanding of the metrics associated with your web presence and your online costs.”

As the launch editor of IT PRO magazine, Chris spent a considerable amount of his time analysing web traffic in order to show return on editorial investment and to identify traffic trends that the editorial team could exploit. Known as the Contributor/Expenditure Analysis Project, this work allowed Chris and his team to see in real time what articles generated not only the most traffic, but the best value for money by pulling in the most valuable traffic for the least amount of time and money spent (whether that spend is on external content or on marketing to raise the profile of content).

The analysis, along with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) initiatives, forms the basis for the online publishing consultancy that Chris provides to businesses in a number of sectors beyond publishing.

Do put the date in your diaries and/or  help spread the word. We will be confirming the venue in the next few days, but hope that it will again be in Guildford.

And for those who like planning ahead, we are going to miss out an August meet-up – although there are mumblings of an evening pub meal gatherings (let us know if you are interested). So the next date to hold is 23rd September, and it looks as though it will be held in Farnham’s UCA. More details to follow.

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