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Value of website content

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Digital Surrey’s July meet up at the University of Surrey last Thursday was another excellent event. Speaker, Chris Green (journalist and media consultant) provided masses of thoughtful insight into measuring the true value of website content.

Having launched ITPro magazine and tasked to monetise and demonstrate success, Chris demonstrated that in order to measure value in a meaningful way, it was essential for the editorial team to look at writers, dwell-time, advertising click-throughs, subject matter, the impact of photos etc. It sounded harsh but accurately reflected the economic realities of publishing in today’s digital world where paying for anything is often seen as a ‘dirty word’.

As always with the format of Digital Surrey, Chris took questions from the audience throughout the talk. Conversations prompted included; how measurement of content stacks up in the current times of pay-walls; and whether, in the long-term, this would encourage head-line grabbing sensational news at the demise of investigative features writing.  Almost 40 people attended the event, which was very kindly supported and encouraged by the University of Surrey’s Knowledge Transfer Account.

Digital Surrey will be taking a summer break over August.  Our next meet up will be on 23rd September at the University for Creative Arts, with Antony Mayfield – author of ‘Me and My Web Shadow’  discussing digital literacy, the importance of helping our family and friends to understand how networks really work and why numbers + stories is the magic formula when it comes to realizing the potential of the web in any organisation.

See you in September.

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