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What is a web shadow?

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This is the question that Antony Mayfield addressed at Digital Surrey last night. And what a great night it was. With a great turn out for the event (apologies to UCA for packing people in), Antony gave an excellent presentation which left some people in the audience ready to hire a “reputation cleaning” agency and others empowered to take control of their own online profile.

To give you a flavour of the presentation and the book it stems from, here are the nine points that  Antony gives for managing your own web shadow:

  1. Check your web shadow
  2. Be the first source of information about yourself
  3. Understand your networks
  4. Be present
  5. Be useful
  6. Know where your own public / private line is drawn
  7. Remember – you are always on the record
  8. Get a thicker skin
  9. Understand – the web is not another world

Sound intriguing? If so, you can buy the book, view the slideshow or even read the first chapter online at

Many thanks to everyone who attended Digital Surrey last night and especially to our hosts Phil Ely and the Creative Advantage business & graduate support programme. Great organisation, wine and nibbles!

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  1. Paul Marden Reply

    What a night. I’d missed a few Digital Surrey’s but new season and I made a renewed commitment to networking with the geeks, marketeers and PR lovelies that make up Digital Surrey.

    Well this one didn’t disappoint. Great subject, great people, government sponsored wine. It was ace.

    And I had a personal epiphany about why all this networking, online and offline actually works.

    Bring on next months meetup.

  2. Jenifer Reply

    Thanks Paul, look forward to seeing you next time!

  3. mark simmons Reply

    Read this book earlier in the year so excited to see the man in the flesh. He was just entertaining enough and delivered an interesting talk and Q&A. So glad I made the effort to go, even tho I could only drink a little government sponsored wine! Put a little something on my blog

  4. Jenifer Reply

    Thanks for your comments Mark.

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