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Guest blog from Aston University:

The average university student in 2010 has their work cut out. Increasing tuition fees, the prospect of long-term debt and a highly competitive jobs market are all enough to make students wonder how they’ll ever get a return on the investment they’re putting into their degree.

At Aston University, over 80% of our graduates enter graduate level employment following their degree compared to a national average of less than 65%. We do this by actively encouraging every student in the university to work for a year in industry during their degree programme.

We are always on the look-out for exciting new placement opportunities… this is where Digital Surrey readers can help – and be helped!

Have you got something in your business you would love to do but just don’t have the time to devote to it? Maybe you have somebody going on maternity leave and you’re looking for a short-term replacement? These are two of many reasons why companies employ undergraduate students in placements.  In return for providing real experience in the workplace, companies can tap into the enthusiasm and up-to-date skills of an undergraduate looking to gain that all important period of experience in the world of work. Who knows… you might even find a new permanent employee in the student you employ for the year!

We advertise your placement for free and market it to the students. For further information on how the placement process can help you in your business, contact Claire Merriman: 0121 204 4936.

Click here to read more about how we’re bucking the national trend for graduate employability.

Further information about the range of courses we offer at Aston University can be accessed from  our website at


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  2. Sarah Cooper Reply

    Hi Claire

    Good to see such a proactive approach to Graduate recruitment. We’re based in Guildford and would be happy to help any grads with CVs, advice and possible placements.

    This might be helpful too –

    Hope you get a good response!

    Kind regards


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