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Business Media Training

Social media is being adopted by most businesses and if initiated throughout an organisation, a ‘social business’ should be the end result. The adoption of various social media platforms and better still, good combinations of these, sound monitoring, and engaging content are driving businesses with some great results. Specific social media campaigns can raise awareness of a brand/business, gather followers and draw media attention.

Successful campaigns regularly feature in magazines, television and other broadcast media. Effectively generating attention around your brand/business online can create quite a buzz and result in media attention. But are you ready to face the media?

Being prepared to face the media is key. How you look and sound on television or come across in a written story can go a long way to showing you are credible and building your reputation. Equally, not being prepared could seriously jeopardize all your hard work. Similarly if your brand/business is facing a crisis, facing the media unprepared, or worse, shying away, could do further damage.

Delivering a message confidently to the media is an essential business skill that can provide your company with a significant competitive advantage. thebluedoor has many years of experience in managing reputation both on and offline. We have recently enhanced our training services to offer a range of media training services, including bespoke training specifically tailored to individual needs. Media training is something many businesses don’t consider until it’s too late, so plan for success.

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