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A virtual world tour in a DigitalSurrey evening!

I’m still smiling following last night’s exclusive #DigitalSurrey event at the CSC European Innovation Centre last night.

Thirty of us were privileged to be taken back in time through the history of virtualisation and collaboration technologies by the engaging speaker Lewis Richards, Technical Portfolio Director for CSC’s Global Portfolio Organisation (@stroker). From the pre-cursors to the web, through to the Sensorama immersive, multi-sensory technology, as well as amazing insights into the earliest thought leaders and future idealists, a lot was covered in just one evening.

No-one noticed the time as the story of virtualisation unfolded before us within the futuristic setting of the European Innovation Centre – a purpose built, state-of-the-art arena to showcase a series of real time business case scenarios set in a virtual environment.

What is the future and will it be one of virtual world immersion or virtual integration into the real-world?

With developments from Microsoft such as the Surface table offering ways for people to collaborate and connect with a 360 degree interface as well as the Holodesk, there is plenty to keep an eye on. Also, as enterprises harness virtual world technology to help with training in important fields such as medicine, we are likely to open up even more avenues for collaboration.

If you’d like to get an insight into this excellent presentation, Lewis has kindly shared it online here

Thank you to Lewis Richards and Judith Barnett from CSC for being such fantastic hosts.

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