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LIVE: What’s Next For Social?

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Allister is discussing what is next for social media and the areas that are growing and will develop in the future…

  1. Apps like ‘Geo’, ‘Stuck’ – geographic location targeting… Where are our friends, what are they doing? This has already begun but it’s becoming increasingly important to mobile users.
  2. Social shopping – QR codes, SCVNGR app – making purchasing and dining more fun.
  3. Facebook gift vouchers, Nintendo gift vouchers – buying credits for online technology – transforming the world.
  4. eBay and Facebook have teamed up using the social graph to making bidding more social.
  5. Data Mining – building data over time which reports what is going on around us.
  6. LinkedIn – advance search function. Put in a post code and you can find someone else who is talking about what you’re interested in.

Allister’s final word… Stop shouting with advertising and start conversing. Fine words.

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