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A big welcome to Angus Fox, Director of Multizone Limited who is the brains behind the new Surrey policing app. Angus has 25 years experience of software product management and marketing worldwide at HP, BT, Microsoft, Lotus and Oracle and numerous startups and corporate clients.

The app has been developed with the help of the Surrey Police force, and uses only open public data as part of the UK Government ‘trailblazer’ project for new technology to provide better visibility into the activities of the UK Police.

What does the app do?

  • Connect with England’s Surrey Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams who work closely with partners and the public to tackle anti-social behaviour, solve crime and build community confidence.
  • See neighbourhood priorities and events in the area covered by the app – and rate them openly or suggest new ones.
  • Interact with comments, pictures and videos directly from the app, without having to learn how to use social media.
  • Make non-emergency contact with the Police using social media, email, the web or by placing a local rate phone call.
  • See the live activities of your local team as well as local and county police news
  • Compare the live policing activity with crime figures for the local area which are published monthly in the UK.

It’s a fantastic advance in technology and one that will no doubt be followed by other police forces in the UK…

Thank you Angus – great talk and fantastic app. Certainly revolutionary.


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