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United Breaks Guitars at DigitalSurrey

Last night Farnham Castle welcomed guests of #DigitalSurrey to listen to @DaveCarroll share his story about United Breaks Guitars. We’d like to say a huge thank you to all who came along to the event – it was another packed house full of interesting conversations.

We’d also like to thank Farnham Castle for sponsoring the event and providing a gorgeous venue that was absolutely stunning on a summer’s evening!

And finally, thanks so much to Dave Carroll for entertaining us all with his personal insight into an inspiring story about statistical insignificance and connecting with people.

The #digitalsurrey twitter stream was buzzing all night and here’s a few of the comments:

@raxlakhani Farnham Castle is an amazing venue. #digitalsurrey

@lisaharris @davecarroll with a combination of initiative, passion and a worthy cause, people will help you to achieve your goals #digitalsurrey

@chrisgreen After initial media interest wained, Taylor Guitars saw a PR opportunity, reigniting media interest #digitalsurrey

@souljaof4tune Sounds like United Airlines were not ready for @DaveCarroll #digitalsurrey

@guy1067: Dave Carroll watching his YouTube video at #digitalsurrey life imitates art  <surreal :-)







#digitalsurrey Dave Carroll:”The Social Media Strategy was to put it up on YT and ask my friends to watch it.”

@AbigailH By the end of the day LA Times had picked up the story. Story went online, picked up by the radio. Cue the media frenzy #digitalsurrey

@AndyKyr It’s great to hear a real story which cuts through corporate spin #digitalsurrey

@chrisgreen Wider implications of @davecarroll’s success: Showed how artists can directly access an audience, & social media is relevant #digitalsurrey

@AbigailH Customer experience is at the heart of the @davecarroll story #digitalsurrey

@mjserres Statistical Insignificance is not the answer to give to #CustomerService #DigitalSurrey

@PheeYoung Taylor Guitars had its best year ever thanks to the way they handled social media #digitalsurrey

@AbigailH If you want hear what we’re listening to go to #digitalsurrey

@SockedKiwi This was tonight’s venue – how cool is Farnham Castle? Thanks @AbigailH @guy1067 and @davecarroll #digitalsurrey

@opensourcerer Fantastic #DigitalSurrey last night. @davecarroll Great speaker, brilliant tale, told eloquently: United Breaks Guitars

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  1. Phil Hackett Reply

    It was a pleasure to host and be present at the Digital Surrey event, Dave Carroll is a genuine nice guy who took something negative and turned it into something positive, all credit to him.

    And it was a fabulous venue ; )

    @xwidep Phil Hackett CEO @FarnhamCastle

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